About SCAP
Complaints Procedure

We aim to provide a simple and user-friendly means to support the users of SCAP. We welcome comments that will highlight areas for development and aim to learn from complaints so that we can use them to help improve our operations. We will keep a record of all complaints and publish the information from them in our annual report.

A complaint will not result in a decision from the Charity Appeals Panel being changed. Any complaint about a hearing or one of our members regarding conduct will be investigated by the Secretary. Each hearing is judicially independent and there can be no interference with its decisions or with conduct that is consistent with proper judicial practice.

If you have a complaint about the way the hearing is handled, you should write to:

The Secretary - Complaints
Scottish Charity Appeals Panel
George House
126 George Street

You can also send your complaint by email to scap@scotcourtstribunals.gov.uk

If you are unhappy with the arrangements for the hearing or with any part of the service we have provided while handling your appeal, please write to the Secretary at the above address. You can also phone the helpline number: 0131 271 4340 where your complaint will be registered and passed to the Secretary. You may also ask to speak to the Secretary or the Deputy Secretary in their absence.